Custom Graphics

Multiple languages explored

Accurately reflects the English writing system

Incorporates linguistic terminology

Materials that support educators

Custom graphics incorporate accurate information about the English writing system. Graphics explore multiple languages for comparison studies. Include analyses of linguistic terminology with examples where appropriate.

What is a custom graphic?

Custom Graphics are designed through investigating a theme, such as “Days of the Week.” Each word within that theme is investigated through meaning (semantics), morphology, etymology, and, where applicable, orthographic phonology.

Often, the investigations will involve comparisons, exploring the word origins of the same word in multiple different languages.

A close examination of a word’s structure and history can reveal common patterns that exist within the writing system. Where applicable, notes direct further study of linguistic terminology and these patterns.

These graphics are the perfect accompaniment for the educator looking for more information.

While graphics are primarily meant for studying the content contained within them, these graphics can certainly be used to guide lesson planning and be used with students. 

In the graphic to the right (the inset on the word kiteboard), each box outside the inset points to correlations within the graphic to different aspects of the writing system.

The box on the right is ideas for differentiation. The emojis of the hands are not American Sign Language (ASL), but rather a multi-sensory expression for the teacher to use to explain the concepts of bases and affixes.


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