New to SWI

Just starting to learn about Structured Word Inquiry? This page is designed for educators just finding out more about SWI. Below are links and resources to help you get started in your journey…
A pre-K teacher introduces the word rain to her students at the Nueva School. Learn more here: What is Structured Word Inquiry? Learn more here: Nueva School
Rebecca Loveless, SWI coach at the Nueva School offers classes specifically designed for young and emerging readers and writers. Particularly interesting are her classes on Real Script, integrating writing with reading. Learn more here: Rebecca Loveless
Emily Brooks O’Connor of Advantage Math Clinic has developed word family cards exploring all four questions of SWI with a big picture outlook: Truer Words
Emily offers an inexpensive class on how to implement these cards in the classroom with students: Truer Words Class
Linguist~Educator Exchange (LEX) author Gina Cooke has spent her life studying words. She offers affordable classes (LEXinars) online about grammar, syllables, stress, the schwa, morphology, etymology, phonology, and more. Listen to her interview here. Then check out LEX for more.
A four square template utilizing the four questions can be a great way to organize thinking. The meaning box could include a non-linguistic representation, examples, non-examples, sentences utilizing the target word, and/or synonyms and antonyms.
Examples of student work utilizing the four questions. Students created their own matrices and etymology trees. This was after several weeks of practice, but concentrating on one or two boxes in a lesson is productive.
Lyn Anderson has a blog describing several initial investigations with her younger students: Beyond The Word
Dr. Pete Bowers has several links and other resources for educators of all ages: WordWorks Kingston
Check out Info Graphics for Educators, with visuals, explanations and examples of all three English suffixing conventions.
Explore Etymology Study Sheets, including over 20 word families and the roots they share. Go deeper by investigating grapheme choice.