Debunking the -tion / -sion Myth

There is a long-held belief that the <-tion> / <-sion> letter strings at the ends of words are in fact suffixes. This belief is wrong. Consider the following examples: action, option, construction, injection, vision, fusion, explosion, expansion Now, let's analyze them according to both the bogus phonics syllable division rules and the actual morphemic structure … Continue reading Debunking the -tion / -sion Myth

Is A Photograph Worth A Thousand Words?

An investigation of the word photograph can lead to a plethora of new words and deeper understandings of English orthography if using the four questions from Structured Word Inquiry (Bowers and Kirby 2010): What does it mean? A photograph is a pictorial representation made physical. Ansel Adams once said that you take a picture, but you make a … Continue reading Is A Photograph Worth A Thousand Words?