Info Graphics for Educators: A Practical Guide for Teaching English Spelling


A practical guide for teaching English spelling. Based on scientific inquiry and the principles of orthographic linguistics. Includes full page graphics with written explanations.



A practical guide for teaching English spelling. Based on scientific inquiry and the principles of orthographic linguistics. Includes full page black and white graphics with written explanations.

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  1. Inge Schulenburg

    I live in South Africa…..and on check out it appeared that it couldn’t be shipped here. Is there any way I can get hold of your book?

    • Scott M

      We can now ship to South Africa!

  2. Kellie Lunsford

    Will you provide us with more detailed information on the contents of the book overall…?? I am immersed in SWI and would like to be able to better determine if your new resource offers a good amount of information I don’t currently have access to in hard copy. I truly appreciate your freely shared scholarship and look forward to more of your infographics. I just laminated your Days of the Week supplement to Gina’s calendar.

    • Scott M

      I try to describe this book as a really good complement to Pete Bowers’ Teaching the Way the Written Word Works. He does a really nice job of explaining how to use the four questions. Info Graphics dives a bit deeper. The video of the < -ion> suffix that is already in a blog post on this site incorporates one of the spreads in the book. I include information in the book about blends, cognates, suffixes, relationships between English and Spanish, some basic Greek and Latin analyses and try to do that from a practical perspective.

      It is a book for studying though, not a book that is going to be a source to just make photocopies and slap it down materials for students. It is meant to be revisited over and over as your understanding of written language grows. The one thing that schools are trying to push teachers to do is to implement a curriculum that is easy and quick, and sometimes that isn’t accurate. If schools could develop teacher knowledge, rather than knowledge of a script or package, then I think students would be better off. The book is an attempt to help teachers grow their knowledge so when students ask questions about why words are spelled the way they are, the teacher isn’t stuck with “because English is crazy” or “because that is an exception (sight, red, oddball) word.”

      One more thing to note is that I am in the process of creating videos much like the suffix video that will incorporate more principles and spreads that are in the book. If you are signed up for DTI’s Virtual Dyslexia Conference, I will be covering cognates and how to incorporate etymology in the classroom. If you are not signed up, I will have something similar posted after that conference here on the site in early May.

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