This 90-minute workshop will introduce participants to a valuable online resource and discover essential terminology, as well as review practical applications through hands on learning.

Participants will learn how to use the Etymology Study Sheets resource book to guide student learning.

Further, this workshop will delve into how etymology governs Present-Day English spellings. 

Through scientific inquiry, participants will discover patterns within the spelling system.


This is one example (taken from the Etymology Study Sheets resource that shows how color coding can scaffold student learning. Participants in this workshop will be guided via gradual release of responsibility how to use both the Online Etymology Dictionary and these study sheets to explore more patterns of English spelling.


In the bottom left corner is the student work using the Etymology Study Sheets resource.

The top left corner is the finished color-coded sheet where historical context (in purple) is made clear. The French influence on English can be discussed with this visual as an aid.

The right delves into grapheme patterns that exist within the Germanic and Classic (Latinate and Greek) derivations of English forms.

Finally, the bottom right considers (without any prescriptive conclusions) the phonological nature of the graphemes from the spellings.

If you are interested in this workshop, please have a group of 3+ interested persons and contact to schedule a time that works for your group.