Just graduate from a pre-service program? Are you a veteran teacher looking for more information about literacy teaching? An administrator or literacy specialist looking for professional development for your staff?

This five part course is designed to take your understanding of literacy instruction to the next level.

Each session builds upon the last, describing the research, practice, and techniques used to boost student achievement.

If you are interested in this workshop, please have a group of 3+ interested persons and contact to schedule a time that works for your group. This five part course is $125/participant.

I have been there before. When I first started teaching, my students ran me over and my test scores were validation of my malpractice (results in graph at left).

As a teacher, I tried to empower myself with knowledge through research and reflection through experimentation and practice. 

Over the years, as my teaching improved, so did my students’ achievement. My parents were happy and I wasn’t overworked or under-energized. My results also improved. As Dr. Douglas Fischer states, “Every student deserves a great teacher, not by chance, but by design” (Visible Learning, 2016). 

This five part class is designed to show how to transform a classroom that may be struggling or successful into a superclass.

Engage and participate with other professionals in a fun and practical class that will give you confidence and ideas to implement in your class tomorrow.